At what time can I expect my service call?

Our hours of business are 08:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday. Not including public holidays. If another time out of hours is required please ask and this can be discussed.

What is the response time from placing a service call?

Our standard response time is 6 working hours. Our average response time at the moment is under 3 hours, please note we offer tailored response times upon request.

What is the advantage of having a service contract with EKS Digital Solutions?

You’re in safe hands! Our engineers are trained directly by the manufacturers to ensure the product is repaired to the highest standards. Our service vehicles carry a high number of spare parts to enable a first time fix, keeping your machine running smoothly.

What exactly do I get included in my service contract?

If you take out our standard service agreement the level of cover will include all parts, labour callouts and toner. If you require extra training and a refresh please let us know.

Is any IT work covered in my standard service agreement?

Due to networks and printing environments getting ever more complicated your standard service agreement will not, unfortunately cover any IT work apart from the initial installation but we do offer a separate service option called "Service Plus" which will cover the adding of drivers, network issues and scanning issues.

I haven’t got a contract on my machine can you help?

Sure, let us know what make and model it is and we can arrange a visit for you.

How can I book a service call or order toner?

You can give us a call on 01227 363 623 ext 202 or 204, alternatively send us an e-mail on service@eksltd.com or fill in the Service Request accessible on the right of this website.

How can I submit my meter readings?

There are many ways to tell us your monthly or quarterly meter readings. You can phone or fax it through, respond to the auto link system or have the readings collected automatically with our clever agent that will tell us when you use a toner or tell us if you have an error. Our agent is a free service. If this is of interest please let us know.

What shall I do with my empty toner and full waste toner cartridges?

Please keep them safe and we can get them taken away by our delivery drivers or engineers. Please ask them when they are on site. They will be happy to do this for you.

I have lines on my copies when using the top feeder but no lines when copying using the glass?

There is a high possibility that there is dust or dried ink on the left side slit glass (the thin piece), not always visible, best to clean with a lightly dampened cloth.

My machine is constantly jamming?

Please check the size dials in the cassette, they should correspond to the paper already in the cassette.

Is the machine jamming when double siding?

By replacing the paper with some from a fresh pack this can sometimes eliminate the jamming. Some paper stocks have an arrow printed on the end of the pack. The paper should be printed on this side first.

Problems when printing?

Because many printer and copier devices have different trays we have found that if the print job has been sent incorrectly with the wrong paper size it will do its best to match the asked size. If it cannot do this it can cause the machine to stop and ask for the right size. This can be due to the wrong paper size selected in page set up under the file tab. If a job is sitting on the device it may be possible to select a cassette and press OK, this may start the job printing.