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Printing, copying and scanning solutions built around your business. Drive down costs & increase productivity.

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Reduce waste

Control Print Budget

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Print Management Services

Looking to streamline your Print Management?

And reduce IT overheads? EKS is your solution! Our hassle-free system is ideal for businesses of all sizes and can help you save time and money. With a print management solution from EKS, you’ll be able to better monitor and control your printing operations, leading to a more efficient and effective workplace.


With intelligent processing and a user-friendly interface for employees, your business can finally get the most out of its documents.


Print from any device at any time, protect your documents and minimise waste with a print soltuion by PaperCut.

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Do you have a problem with print waste?

Want to be more sustainable and increase awareness of printing waste?
With print solutions from EKS you control your print, including who prints, how they print and how much it costs your business.

Restrict who can print

Less colour printing

Release at any printer

Control expenditure

Encourage less printing

Reduce your carbon footprint

Why EKS Digital Solutions for your print management?

We Listen

to what your workplace requires. Every workplace is unique and each of our solutions is tailor-made to you.

We Advise

you on what best suits your needs. From a large single usage point to a decentralised solution, we can advise what will work.

We Install

and configure your equipment. We provide end user training and ensure that you’re completely up and running.

We Support

you and maintain your digital equipment, keeping your workplace working for you.

“EKS Digital Solutions have been supplying our copiers, scanners and MFD devices for over 20 years. From both the sales and technical side they are second to none. We do a very large amount of printing due to the nature of our business and are reliant on our digital services so having the support of EKS is invaluable.”

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